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Inspired by the Benedictine monastic tradition, Grange Farms is a group of Catholic family farmers committed to quality, stewardship of the land, and the dignity of animals.

Grange Farms, Ontario. Traditional agriculture.
Grange Farms, Ontario. GMO free.
Grange Farms, Ontario. Animals humanely raised on pastures.

DUTY: We believe that farming is a vocation that requires duty and commitment.

EXCELLENCE & TRUST: We strive to produce products of the highest quality and consistency, and in so doing, to build trust between rural and urban communities.

SUSTAINABILITY: Our farming practices promote stewardship of the land, the dignity of animals, and a shared responsibility for our impact on the natural world for future generations.


  • Animals are humanely raised on pastures, during the spring, summer and early fall.
  • Grass fed and finished beef that is healthy to eat and sustainable.
  • Animals are never given hormones, antibiotics or genetically modified organics (GMOs).
  • We are committed to regenerative soil practices.
  • Our animals are all raised in Ontario.
  • Our process is transparent, and we welcome visits by appointment.



We believe in giving back to the community. Please contact us about our loyalty program and how it can help with your community’s charitable projects.

St. Walston of Bawburgh, Norfolk is honoured as the patron saint of farmers, ranchers and farm animals. His feast day is May 30th.