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A collection of our premium and hard to find cuts from our top animals. We have a limited number of specialty cuts and they won't be around for long. Specialty cuts are add ons, and must be bought in tandem with at least one standard Grange Box.

Specialty Cuts

Grass finished sirloin steaks (8 oz)


Grass finished beef brisket (app. 1.8-2.4 lbs)


Grass finished blade roast (app. 3-4 lbs)


Grass finished beef braising ribs (app 2.2 lbs)


heritage pork smoked bacon (app. 1 lb)


Heritage pork belly (app. 2.0-2.5 lbs)


Heritage pork sausage (app 1.2 lbs)


Pastured whole chicken (app. 4.5 lbs)


Grass finished beef liver